Skin Tonicity & Elasticity Mask Generator

User manual

A completely noninvasive rejuvenating therapy

Skin elasticity, which is gradually reduced as we age, can be restored using electronic therapy as indicated.  The revolutionary non-surgical facelift is a natural alternative to other invasive cosmetic procedures.

A bio facial mask that restores skin elasticity and brightness

The electronic anti-aging mask purifies the electromagnetic environment to ensure a normal movement of the electromagnetic field during the exposure. The recommended duration for the bio magnetic field application is pre-established at a minimum of 100 hours for each exposed region

Your hair will become less greasy

The bio magnetic field sessions will purify the electromagnetic environment, making your hair look healthier, shinier and easier to manage. You will be able to wash it less frequently as your hair will look fresh and clean for days.


point improvement on the scales of wrinkles

20 %

More facial contour

40 %

Increased collagen fibers

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